ClassRealm Complications: Who Cares?

Howdy folks. Welcome to another exciting edition of ClassRealm Complications. In this blog post I will address a particular trouble I’m having or have had while using ClassRealm in my room. So without further ado…

Complication – Lack of Interest

There will always be students who don’t care. It’s not that they don’t care about everything, just certain parts of school which don’t interest them. I have students who love math, yet loath science and don’t even feel it’s worth their time. ClassRealm is not the end-all be-all when it comes to students interests, but it’s a pretty great way to generate buzz within my classroom. Many students always ask what their level is, how many XP they need to get to the next level and what they need to do to get that next achievement. Not every student though. Some just shrug when they get XP or level up. They don’t try for achievements. ClassRealm is fine with them, but it’s not worth the extra work in their mind. It’s completely understandable. As I mentioned above, not everyone has the same tastes. Some students just want to sleep (See above).


Kick those kids out of class. Kidding! The best part about ClassRealm is that it’s fully customizable. The solution here is to make it more attractive to those students who don’t see it’s value. What do they care about? Sitting with their friends? Extra recess? Push them towards a goal that they feel is worth making in the first place. Even some of those kids who don’t care crack a smile every now and then when they level up. Maybe they want to be part of the system, they just don’t feel like they can add much. Make a big deal when an uninterested student, or any student for that matter, levels up. They just added to your classes overall level count! Your class is one step closer to one of their goals.

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