Back on Track!

Hey everyone! Guess what? I’m still alive! I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t updated the ClassRealm blog in such a long time, but things have been rather hectic what with me getting married here in two weeks.

This post is a reminder: We are not dead. Though our Kickstarter did fail we have regrouped and we’re back on track (see above). Unfortunately our main coder has been under a lot of stress at his day job to get projects done and hasn’t had much time to put towards ClassRealm. For this reason I have been working on the classroom end of ClassRealm, though not much online integration has occurred at this point in time. A beta for the online system may not make an appearance until early 2013, but we are trying to speed up the process as much as humanly possible. We are currently in talks with the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology to take on some of the coding and design work load. This would be phenomenal and we’ll keep every updated on our potential relationship with this outstanding institution.

For now just sit tight and know that we are working to get things accomplished. ClassRealm is still going strong. We just need to take baby steps to get it up and running.

– Ben

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