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Overhead Perspective – Parents

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog this week, being a track coach is adding quite a few hours to my work week. Good thing I love it.

ClassRealm is a system made for three parties – teachers, students, and parents. Of those three the one it caters to least is parents. This isn’t to say parents weren’t in mind when I was building ClassRealm initially, but out of the three they are the least involved. If ClassRealm was a movie, teachers would be the directors, students would be the actors and parents would be the audience. We want to please all involved. If ClassRealm was a sacred relic the these three mighty powers would make up a triforce!

Many people have asked me how parents have reacted to ClassRealm since its introduction in my classroom more than a month ago, and the truth is they haven’t really reacted much at all. The few remarks I have gotten from parents are very positive. They love the creative aspect and that their student is motivated to learn or be a better person, how could they hate that? Most parents haven’t even mentioned it. Im sure a good chunk of the parents haven’t even visited my classroom site to view their child’s progress, but that’s ok. It’s great if parents want to check in and see how their child is doing, but if they don’t I don’t blame them. Being a parent is hard and adding a whole new set of data to check up on isn’t exactly lighting the load.

When ClassRealm launches later this year (assuming the Kickstarter is successful) we will have a strong focus on making parents feel welcome in our world. We NEED teachers and students for ClassRealm to work, but pleasing parents is one of our top priorities. We promise to make the ClassRealm site one that parents can use with ease to check on their students progress and school related happenings. I hope we don’t run in to parents who won’t let their children participate because ClassRealm has fantasy elements and is “satanic” or something bizarre. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but know this parents – we are on your side. We want to see your student excel just as much as you do. Give them the chance.