Games Worth Playing – Slice Fractions

Did you know that ClassRealm is based on aspects of video games? Of course you did.

Well in honor of our video game roots we’re going to be sharing some educational and traditional games we think you and your students should be playing. First up – Slice Fractions!

Let me just start off by pointing out that this game features a hat-collecting woolly mammoth and a volcano with the face of a cat. If that doesn’t sell you on the game alone, I’m not sure what will. But wait, there’s more! Not only is Slice Fractions adorable and quirky, it actually teaches (and reteaches) you fractions. Can you believe it?

By slicing sections of ice and lava you can eliminate the on-screen obstacles and help your mammoth on his journey to… go do what ever it is that mammoths do.  The game starts out with simple shapes and doesn’t even include any numbers, but eventually things jump up a notch and you’re slicing fractions all over the gosh darn place.

There are currently 60 levels, and unfortunately they go by rather quickly when you get immersed in the game. But worry not, because I’ve been told there are more levels on the way! *Whew*

If you have a student/son/daughter/niece/nephew/really smart dog who is struggling with understanding fractions I would highly highly recommend this title. Or if you just want a fun little educational puzzle game all for yourself. It teaches you while you learn!

Name: Slice Fractions

System(s): Phone and Tablet (iOS and Googleplay)

Price: $2.99

Made By: Ululab

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