Games Worth Playing: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Hello ClassRealm fans, and welcome to our second installment of Games Worth Playing. The series where we tell you about one game (educational or not) that’s worth your time. Today we’re focusing on a title and a series near and dear to my heart…

Much like every Legend of Zelda title to date, the player  takes control of the green-clad, sword wielding hero known as Link. Now there are very few direct sequels in The Legend of Zelda series, so chances are the Link you’re controlling is not that same one you’ve used to save the princess before. In this case the game puts you back in the same world from the 1991 classic A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo, though the game is set six generations in the future.

You probably don’t care about that do you? Well, the REAL reason to play A Link Between Worlds (ALBW) is because of its puzzles, adventure elements aaaaaaaaand it’s focus on reading. In fact this is one of the first titles in which Nintendo has actually added a little note about literacy on the back of the game box.

As you can see I noticed this a while back. The ability to read certainly makes ALBW a much more enjoyable adventure. You will most certainly get lost and meet an unfortunate end if you cannot decipher all the text that pops up through out the game. Anyone who is learning to read may have a hard time getting through all the signs and character dialogue, but those with a basic grasp should be fine. While kids may love reading books they’ll probably think you’re insane if you ask them to play a video game to practice their reading.

Along with all this lovely reading come some absolutely fantastic puzzles which are always good mental stimulation no matter your age. The game as a whole is a sprawling epic that will take even veterans some time to complete in whole. It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to The Legend of Zelda series, and ALBW is no exception. Anyone with a 3DS/2DS should experience it’s grandeur, young or old.

Name: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

System(s): 3DS and 2DS

Price: $40.00 (eShop price)

Made By: Nintendo

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